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  • Osmolarity — This article is about osmolarity. For the osmole unit, see Osmole (unit). Osmolarity is the measure of solute concentration, defined as the number of osmoles (Osm) of solute per litre (L) of solution (osmol/L or Osm/L). The osmolarity of a… …   Wikipedia

  • osmolarity — noun (plural ties) Etymology: osmol + ar + ity Date: 1948 the concentration of an osmotic solution especially when measured in osmols or milliosmols per liter of solution • osmolar adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • osmolarity — noun The osmotic concentration of a solution, normally expressed as osmoles of solute per litre of solution. See Also: osmolality …   Wiktionary

  • osmolarity — The osmotic concentration of an osmotically active substance in solution, expressed as osmoles of solute particles per liter of solution. * * * os·mo·lar·i·ty .äz mō lar ət ē, .äs n, pl ties the concentration of an osmotic solutio …   Medical dictionary

  • osmolarity — [ˌɒzmə(ʊ) larɪti] noun Chemistry the concentration of a solution expressed as the total number of solute particles per litre. Origin 1950s: blend of osmotic (see osmosis) and molar3, + ity …   English new terms dictionary

  • osmolarity — os·mo·lar·i·ty …   English syllables

  • Osmolarity gradient — Refers to the gradient created in the nephrons of the kidneys, between the tubules and the interstitial fluid surrounding them. It is created by the solutes (urea and salt) exiting and reentering the tubules at different sections of the nephron.… …   Wikipedia

  • Oral rehydration therapy — Nurses encouraging a patient to drink an oral rehydration solution to combat dehydration caused by cholera. Oral rehydration therapy (ORT) is a simple treatment for dehydration associated with diarrhoea, particularly gastroenteritis or… …   Wikipedia

  • Diabetes insipidus — Classification and external resources Vasopressin ICD 10 E …   Wikipedia

  • Contractile vacuole — Protist Paramecium aurelia with contractile vacuoles A contractile vacuole (abbreviation: CV) is a sub cellular structure (organelle) involved in osmoregulation. It is found predominantly in protists and in unicellular algae. It was previously… …   Wikipedia

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